Since 2013, our team has been working to serve youth across West Virginia. We're constantly looking to form relationships with more colleges and universities in order to recruit Ambassadors and reach more students in our state.

If you're a student or teacher at a college or university not yet involved in our program, email us at!

If you're interested in requesting a presentation, you can do so here!

Thank you for supporting our program, helping it grow, and joining us on our journey to reach every classroom, youth program, and campground in the Mountain State!

Year in review

Where Did We Go?

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*Each spot is a unique location. Blue spots are locations we visited once. Red spots are locations we visited more than once.

What's Popular?

What Are People Saying?

“They [students] talked about the presentation and water conservation the rest of the day.”

“The presenter engaged the students and enlightened them on the varying fields of science that they could potentially go into.”

“Students actively asked questions...This presentation made a connection to their real-world learning.”

“...They learned that "local" students can study this subject. Some thought it was only available in bigger cities.”

“My fourth grade students were highly engaged in the lesson by listening attentively, responding to questions, and helping to complete a hands on activity. After the visit, they talked about the presentation and activity throughout the rest of the day.”

Program Growth

Since our start, we have delivered 852 presentations to 340 schools and organizations.

In total, we have reached 26,049 youths in West Virginia since 2013.