Request a Presentation

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Request Process:

You've submitted a request... what happens now?

  1. WV SPOT Scheduler and Coordinator are notified of new requests via email. WV SPOT Ambassadors are notified via email about your requests.

  2. Available Ambassador(s) notify Coordinator by emailing indicating their availability to present. Coordinator will introduce them to the individual requesting the presentation (Requester) via email.

  3. Ambassador continues communication with the Requester to confirm details of the request such as presentation, hands-on activities, number of students, age range of students, etc. and to determine a date and time for the visit.

  4. Once the visit details are confirmed by both the Requester and Ambassador, Ambassador emails Coordinator to inform of the confirmed date and time of the presentation.

  5. Coordinator sends out final confirmation email to both Requester and Ambassador with relevant documents attached.

  6. Ambassador presents on confirmed date and time.

  7. Teacher completes the Evaluation Form (button below).