Teacher FAQs


Q: Are only schools allowed to request presentations?

A: No. We receive requests from museums, churches, non-profit youth groups, and the like! If you're uncertain about whether a SPOT presentation is right for you contact: spot.wv@gmail.com.

Q: Does a WV SPOT visit cost anything?

A: Yes and no. We encourage payment of a $50 travel stipend per visit but it is not obligatory for schools, clubs, organizations, or programs to provide this if they don't have the means.

An invoice will be provided via email for those who indicate the ability to provide the travel stipend. This is sent once an Ambassador has indicated their availability to claim your request. Checks are made payable to AUI/GBO as the Green Bank Observatory pays for the Ambassador's travel and your check will reimburse that cost.

Some schools or organizations are able to provide a check to the Ambassador directly. If this applies to you, write the check out to the Ambassador and give it to them the day of the visit. If there is more than one Ambassador presenting, only provide the stipend to the Ambassador who drove.

If neither of these are options for you or your school/ organization, we can discuss alternative options.

Any questions about payment should be sent to spot.wv@gmail.com.

Q: Do Ambassadors undergo background checks?

A: No. By submitting a presentation request you are agreeing to be present, or to coordinate a school official to be present, for all aspects of the Ambassador's visit, including presentations and hands-on activities. You agree to hold harmless WV SPOT and all of its affiliates, sponsors, and members.

Not finding the answer to your question?

Send us an email at spot.wv@gmail.com!